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Home ProductsHydrogen Peroxide Sterilization Equipment

LED 7.5μM Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization Equipment , H2o2 Hydrogen Peroxide

LED 7.5μM Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization Equipment , H2o2 Hydrogen Peroxide

  • LED 7.5μM Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization Equipment , H2o2 Hydrogen Peroxide
LED 7.5μM Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization Equipment , H2o2 Hydrogen Peroxide
Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: WINTEAM
Certification: ISO
Model Number: YT-V800
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: ONE SET
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: wooden case
Supply Ability: 20 sets one month
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Detailed Product Description
Name: Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization Grain Size: Average 7.5μm
Sterilizing Volume:: 20-500 M3 Tank: 27L
Supply: 2000w Warranty: 1 Year
Color: Silver Display: LCD Display
High Light:

hydrogen peroxide equipment


hydrogen peroxide vapor machine

hydrogen peroxide sterilization LED 7.5μm for germ-free room
Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization .pdf
Evaporated hydrogen peroxide is sterilized using hydrogen peroxide to produce free hydroxyl groups for acne liquid modification (including lipids, DNA proteins). It kills bacteria, fungi and bacteria at room temperature. And some characteristics of different molecules. Hydrogen peroxide vapor sterilization is a device that is vaporized by hydrogen peroxide vapor, vaporized in a 35% concentration of H 2 O 2 solution (ie hydrogen peroxide), and sprayed through the nozzle in six directions. . The operation of the YT-V2000 is separated. In three steps: dehumidification, conditioning and sterilization dehumidification step: air space by a dehumidification device to reduce the relative humidity in the confined space required for sterilization and sterilization of the circulating fan; correct action: injected The hydrogen peroxide solution is vaporized to vaporize hydrogen or roxide vapor and spray fan nozzles in a confined space until the desired concentration is reached. Sterilization time: Continue to enter the hydrogen peroxide vapor and maintain the desired quality.
Real-time monitoring of parameters such as temperature, humidity and hydrogen peroxide concentration, sponsoring real-time printing, storage and other functions.
Siemens PLC power supply, system automatic control, with alarm function;
External monitor, wireless telecommunications designer;
Automatically download and optimize the system to control the length of time or the automatic extrusion speed cycle;
Use the function statistics to adjust the Siemens color touch screen;
An automated data logging and printing service that detects each interface link to ensure the integrity and repeatability of reproductive monitoring data and to verify the quality of the interface.
The solution is correct by giving the hydrogen peroxide injection by periodic rotation;
Lack of drugs involving export companies, longer, longer life, suitable for replacement;
The front end of the needle is equipped with a particulate filter, stainless steel, with a 50 micron hole size to prevent particles from clogging the injection nozzle.
The gas in the charter and refuses to spread the virus directly to the direct way to avoid sexual abuse and aging;
The heat is responsible for protecting the air and stopping excessive power within the temperature range to prevent danger;
The temperature and humidity points are equipped with a solid stainless steel cover, which effectively reduces the degradation of hydrogen peroxide gas and prolongs the service life;
It is suitable for seminars in clean areas such as laboratories and clean rooms.
Sterilizing Principle:
VHPS gasification hydrogen peroxide sterilization adopts the characteristics that is micron-sized hydrogen peroxide dry mist with superior spore-killing ability at room temperature. It is used to attack cellular components, including lipids, proteins and DNA tissues, and can be quickly converted to H2O/ O2/CO2, for complete sterilization purposes.
Description of sterilizing process:
The biological decontamination process of the VHPS gasification hydrogen peroxide sterilizer can be divided into three stages:
Pre-Sterilization Stage-The hydrogen peroxide solution is input into a vaporizer and vaporized into a dry mist of hydrogen peroxide, and is input into the sterilization chamber through a fan to enter a stage to be sterilized.
Biological decontamination stage -- continue to input micron grade hydrogen peroxide to sterilization space, until it reaches the concentration (generally will be subject to the biological test validation density)to start time counting, keep 120-180 min on the presettingconcentration,then biological decontamination finish (experience certificate 3 h sterilization efficiency reaches 6 - log), stop the VHP sterilization.
Deresidue stage -- the gas path system switches to the deresidue device, and the gasified hydrogen peroxide is transformed into water and oxygen through the decomposition filter, and the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the air is continuously reduced to less than 1PPM
The operation of each stage can be controlled independently by hand, or it can be controlled automatically and run in sequence.
Technical characteristics
1. The sterilizing agent can be controlled to be sprayed in the form of dry mist. The size of the dry mist particles is controlled at a precise and consistent level, reducing the risk of condensing liquid and ensuring the penetration and disinfection effect on the more complicated and difficult to reach. 2, can effectively reach all areas of the clean area. 3, the external structure is sturdy, maintenance is simple, no power is required for work. 4. The main components are made of 316L stainless steel and can be sterilized at high temperature. 5, a single machine can be used for disinfection in 20-1000m3 space. 6, the entire disinfection process 2-6 hours, compared to formaldehyde fumigation, the production stop time is greatly shortened. 7. There is no noise or ultrasonic pollution throughout the disinfection process. 8. The hydrogen peroxide solution is delivered based on the siphon principle. It does not need to provide liquid pressure, and the fast flowing compressed air can pump the liquid.
No need to use it or the size of the room, the scope of application is larger;
Made of 316 / 316L, adjustable material;
Polishing the inner surface and the mirror surface of the tank and the lower surface of the pipeline equipment ≤ R0.4;
All goods are stolen by PTFE or EPDM;
Combination of pricing or connection speed, in line with GMP requirements;
A device can be used for antibiotics in the 20-1000 m3 space.

Grain size average 7.5μm (lower measurement scale is laser laser measuring instrument)
Increase the volume 1 drum 2.6L / h (wind speed 0.4Mpa)
Air consumption 1 beam 45L / min (pressure 0.4Mpa)
Fuel tank capacity 27L
Sterilizer suicide liquid
Sterilization amount: 20-1000 meters of rice (about 250 cubic meters per bellows)
Project: 316 / 316L
Size 360 × 280 × 2100mm (length × × height × height)

Introduce biosafety laboratories, laboratory animal centers, GMP research in pharmaceutical plants, and contain circulatory systems, which require daily disinfection and sterilization.
LED 7.5μM Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization Equipment , H2o2 Hydrogen Peroxide 0
LED 7.5μM Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization Equipment , H2o2 Hydrogen Peroxide 1


Q: Do all products have English operating interfaces and operating manuals?
A:Yes, all our equipment has English operation interfaces, and if necessary, we are also able to provide the edition in the user's native language, and all products are available in English operating instructions; if necessary, we can also provide the user's desired language version.

In addition, there are are operating videos for our products for the convenience of customers to use.


Q: How is the after-sales service of your company?
A:We offer quality guarantee for all the products, and for products within the warranty period, we provide free services for all damages not resulting from human beings. After the warranty expires, we will charge cost price only
Q: What is your MOQ of the spray dryer?
A:1 set.
Q: How long is your delivery time of spray dryer?
A: Generally it is depending on order quantity.The specific time can be negotiated.
Q: How to choose suitable spray dryer?
A:tell us your work flow and requirements ,then we will recommend you suitable equipment according to yourrequirements, application experience and feedback from our clients.
Q: How to solve the equipment trouble during using ?
A:Please email us about problem with pictures or a small video will be better,we will find the problem and solve it. If broken, we will send you a new free part if in the warranty period.
LED 7.5μM Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization Equipment , H2o2 Hydrogen Peroxide 2

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