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Laboratory Mini Sterility Test Pump LCD Display Height 39cm 3pc Idler Wheel

Laboratory Mini Sterility Test Pump LCD Display Height 39cm 3pc Idler Wheel

  • Laboratory Mini Sterility Test Pump LCD Display Height 39cm 3pc Idler Wheel
Laboratory Mini Sterility Test Pump LCD Display Height 39cm 3pc Idler Wheel
Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: WINTEAM
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: YT-603
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: one set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: wooden case
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, MoneyGram
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Detailed Product Description
Name: Sterility Test Pump Power: 200w
Highest Speed: 240rpm Cerfitication: ISO
Height: 39cm Idler Wheel: 3pc
High Light:

sterility testing hardware


biological products test pump

YT-603 Laboratory LCD Display Mini Sterility Test Pump fot sterility testing



5, sterility test pump installation and commissioning


5.1 installation


5.1.1 Unpacking and inspection


Open the box, remove the kit, the instrument and the spare parts and spare parts, and carefully check the contents of the box according to the packing list.


5.1.2 Power connection


Place the instrument on a stable workbench, plug the power cord into the power supply slot on the back of the instrument, and plug the other end into the power supply in the room.

(Note that the power supply voltage and frequency must match the instrument)


5.1.3 Installation method


Place the instrument on a stable operation table, install each accessory as shown in the structure diagram, and insert the power cord plug into the power supply that matches the instrument. After booting, see if it can run normally and effectively. Insert the foot switch cable connector into the socket that does not correspond to the bacteria collection instrument. If you need to remove it, disconnect the power supply and unplug it.


5.2 debugging


5.2.1 sterility test pump test machine inspection points

(1) Is the motor running normally, and there is abnormal noise and vibration in addition to the normal rotation sound.

(2) Whether the acceleration and deceleration are smooth and effective.

(3) Install the incubator hose correctly into the pump head, take a bottle of liquid connection, and start to check whether the liquid flow of each hose is smooth.

(4) Whether the display shows normal.


5.2.2 sterility test pump test method


(1) Place the instrument in a suitable test environment.

(2) Install the suspension bracket and drain tank at the designated location.

(3) Loosen the pump head positioning card of the instrument, and place the hose of the incubator correctly into the positioning groove of the pump head, and close the pump head positioning card.

(4) Plug in the power, turn on the instrument switch, and follow the operation method of 4.3. 

(5) Turn on the power. After the incubator is properly installed, press the foot switch and the instrument will stop running.

(6) When the powder injection is dissolved, it is recommended to use the rotation speed of 40 rpm. In the large-volume injection filtration operation, it is recommended to use the test speed of 160 rpm; then fine-tune according to the specific needs.

(7) When replacing the sample and completing the filtration, press the “stop” button or step on the foot switch to stop the instrument.


6,sterility test pump notes


(1) The instrument requires grounding, grounding is reliable, the grounding impedance is ≤ 4Ω, and the wire diameter of the grounding wire is above φ1.6mm.

(2) Do not put your hand into the pump head while the instrument is running, otherwise it may cause hand injury.

(3) Before the positioning of the pump head of the collecting instrument is clamped (the peristaltic pump block needs to be fastened), it is strictly forbidden to start the instrument, otherwise it may cause hand injury.

(4) Turn off the power after the instrument is used. If it is not used for a long time, please turn off the power.

(5) If the sterile room is disinfected with a chemical disinfectant, the instrument should be placed in a sealed enclosure or removed from the sterile room to avoid damage to electronic components and corrosion of metal fittings.

(6) The filter membrane on the sampling needle should be kept dry, the airflow is smooth, and the liquid is normally introduced. That is, when the sampling needle is inserted into the bottled fluid for the test sample, it should be turned on first, then the container bottle should be inverted.

(7) When the test sample is replaced, the machine should be stopped. Otherwise, excessive pressure will be generated in the incubator, causing the rubber cap to pop out and affect the use. The cap can be removed to deflate and the pressure inside the incubator is eliminated.

(8) If there are too many bubbles in the inlet pipe, reduce the speed and check if the inlet filter is wet. If it is not possible, check if the needle is unblocked.

(9) Avoid stepping on the foot switch continuously. Do not release the foot after stepping on the foot switch. It should be delayed to start or stop together.

(10) Avoid placing the foot switch in an environment that is highly corrosive and oxidizing.

(11) Avoid entering the inside of the foot switch.


  1. Ultra-small design reduces the space and airflow interference of the ultra-clean console;
  2. The waterproof design of the fuselage prevents liquid from penetrating into the interior of the instrument;
  3. Large LCD display, operating status indication function, clock function;
  4. Four-speed direct speed control with speed memory function;
  5. The stainless steel case is mirror polished for easy cleaning and disinfection.
  6. The stainless steel case meets the requirements of the experimenter for the sterile laboratory;
  7. Phase voltage control stepless speed regulation operation control is convenient;
  8. Turbine deceleration system, reduce machine working noise, increase torque capacity to ensure safe operation;
  9. Turbine deceleration system The power system uses high power to ensure high viscosity sample experiments and increase speed.


Name sterility test pump
Working power supply: AC220V/50Hz
Power: 200W
Peristaltic pump speed: 15 ~ 240rpm
Runner: 3 wheels
Height (with bottle holder): 39cm
Dimensions: 34*40*17cm
Weight: 17Kg


1. sterility test pump scope sterility test pump

WINTEAM intelligent collection instrument is a special instrument for clinical detection of body fluid bacteria, sterility detection and microbial limit detection in the fields of medicines and biological products.


2, the working principle of the sterility test pump

YT series intelligent bacteria collection instrument is a supporting product for one-time trial use of fully enclosed bacteria collection filter culture incubator. The test sample is filtered by 0.45 or 0.22 filter membrane through the principle of directional peristaltic pressure of intelligent bacteria collection instrument. The bacteria in the filter are trapped on the filter in the filter, and the bacteriostatic component is removed by rinsing the filter. Then, the required culture medium is directly introduced into the collection culture incubator through the sample introduction tube, and placed in an incubator for aseptic culture.


3, sterility test pump structure

The WINTEAM sterility test pump consists of a main unit, a suspension bracket, a drain tank, a foot switch and a peristaltic pump head.


4, sterility test pump control instructions


4.1 Overview of the sterility test pump


Promise split-type digital governor, perpetual calendar clock, speed/clock LCD with backlight and wide vision.


4.2 fsterility test pump display and operation


(1) After turning on the power, press the gear speed control selection button to enter the interface, the device starts running and displays the current speed.

(2) When the equipment is running, press ▲ or fine-tune the speed to adjust to the required speed.

(3) When the test article is finished filtering or needs to stop midway, press stop or the foot pedal switch.

4.3 sterility test pump working environment

(1) Environmental requirements: in a clean laboratory or in a clean bench.

(2) Ambient temperature: 4 ° C ~ 25 ° C

(3) Relative humidity: ≤90% RH or less (anhydrous beads condensation phenomenon)

(4) Working power supply: 220V/50HZ

(5) Electrical safety: The instrument requires grounding and reliable grounding. The grounding impedance is ≤ 4n, and the wire diameter of the grounding wire is 1.6mm or more.

Laboratory Mini Sterility Test Pump LCD Display Height 39cm 3pc Idler Wheel 0


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